EDDR Software Introducing DLE API at DAC


EDDR Software Introducing DLE API at DAC

Austin, TX – EDDR Software is excited to introduce the Design Library Enhancement API (DLE API) at the 56th Design Automation Conference in Las Vegas, NV. EDDR Software will be at booth #633 in Las Vegas. EDDRS created the DLE API specifically for design engineer application developers. The product speeds up calls to standard APIs that ordinarily take longer than expected.  

The DLE API is designed to significantly decrease the standard API call times by reading the file formats natively. The process removes third-party overhead and bloat. The API does not have to load the entire design into memory before making any calls and seeing what the calls need.  The DLE API parses what is required only, and no more from the binary design library files. This process allows developers to get what they need and no more, in turn, increasing speed dramatically.

Come by booth #633 at the Las Vegas Convention Center to take a tour of DLE API or other EDDR Software products.

Contact EDDR Software at  info@eddrs.com or (512) 598-0370 to schedule a time to meet with team members. They look forward to speaking with you.

For more information on EDDR Software, visit https://www.eddrs.com.