EDDR Software introduces Auditor for PDK revision diffing at DAC 56. From several years of servicing their customers’ needs in the area of PDK development and implementation, the Auditor was born.

EDDRS developed Auditor with the PDK user in mind. As PDK’s change, it is vital for the design engineer to know all of the changes to reflect in their files. For PDK developers, Auditor gives them peace of mind in knowing all of the changes they have made are trackable and ensures documentation. Auditor covers all of the primary files in the PDK architecture.

Auditor can be used in other areas of design, as well. By using the DLE API in our product, Auditor can diff any portion of the library/cell/view architecture. For this, designers can use this in-house for their diffing design needs. This can help with documenting changes the engineer makes to each revision of their designs.

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