Position(s): EDA Software Engineer

Position Description

As a member of EDDR Software’s R&D team, you will handle developing electronic design automation (EDA) software and the supporting infrastructure. You will help in the research and development of creating new implementations using standard APIs into product lines and develop processes for evaluating their effectiveness. You will work closely with other members of the development team as well as the applications team.

Position Requirements

Required Skills and Experience:

Excellent knowledge of object-oriented software development

Expertise in C++, Python, and Tcl

Proficient with Linux, shell scripting, Windows, Make, and CMake

Comfortable with Mercurial, GIT, or SVN 

Very self-motivated with excellent written and oral communication skills

Effective at working in a virtual work environment

Experience in an agile type project management

Bachelors + 3 years experience in EE/Computer Engineering/Computer Science

Documentation is a must

Preferred Skills and Experience:

Experience with popular EDA front-end and back-end APIs

  • OpenAccess
  • GDSII (Stream)
  • Verilog

Experience with the analog & digital design flow

Experience with big data architecture and application

Company Information

EDDR Software is a Texas-based software company focused on the development of products, services, and support for the EDA and semiconductor industries.

Job Location

Virtually everywhere, but physically in Georgetown, TX, USA

Position Type

Full-Time and/or by contract


To apply for this position, please send your resume and cover letter to